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CE Marking Certification

CE Marking Certification

Are you in a need of a reliable CE Marking Certification provider in Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh, India)? Then, we are the trusted ones. CE Marking Certification becomes imperative for those organizations that want to place their offerings in the European Union Market. This certification ensures that the products used within the union will not impose any threat to consumers or the environment. The European Community makes sure that the industrial products made available in the Community market should respect a high level of protection of public interests such as health and safety. Affixing of a CE Mark is a common indication of a product's fitness. We can forward the application of the clients to PCS with organization details, manufacturing setup, etc. Then, a review would be conducted by the PCS at the manufacturer's premises. The review will indicate that the likelihood of achieving a CE Mark status for any product of the client.

Readiness Review :

  • Manufacturers should note that a common circumstance is that products will have developed during a period of several years.
  • Moreover, the level of sophistication of a manufacturer's management practices and personnel will have developed in similar manner.
  • Data regarding the excellence of the design of the product may not therefore be currently available.
  • Often the requirement 'in the early days' was either non-existent or unappreciated. Nonetheless, today's European Community requirement is that products should possess known qualities and data relating to their health and safety properties.
  • Collating such data may not be an easy or rapid task and for this reason a Readiness Review is considered essential in order to ascertain realistic project milestones and costs for CE marking.

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